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Please read and abide by these rules; they are very important, and are created to prevent problems, and prevent you from being bitten to death.

1.NO DRAMA OUTSIDE OF ROLEPLAYS. If any issues between other members do arise, talk to an admin right away and do NOT try to fix the problem yourself. No exceptions. This includes:

• Dating drama
• Fighting with another member
• Having issues with another member
• Gossiping about the member
• Ganging up against the member
• Bringing up past occurrences of drama anywhere, being relationships, previous forums, et cetera
• Harrasing the person about it
• Or singling them out for whatever happened

This is a drama free forum. Let's keep it that way.

2. Do not mix OOC (out of character) with IC (in character). If you hate someone out of character, do not bash them in character, and if you hate someone in-character, do not bash them in real life. This is very important.

3. Always use correct grammar and punctuation. If English is not your first language, that is understandable, but if you are lazy, that is not.

4. Always warn others if you will have mature situations in your topics. Change the title to have these warnings, so that people who do not desire to see them will not click that topic (eg, “[R18] A Midnight Visit”).

5. Please be active. If you do not post at least once a month without telling an admin why, you will be contacted and asked. If you are going to be inactive for a while, please tell us in the absence thread how long you are going to be away for.

6. Use brackets if you are going to break character, unless you are in the OOC section.

7. It is alright to question rules IF you are prepared to back up your complaints... If you are only questioning because you do not like the admin and/ or just want to be troublesome, this violates Rule 1.

8. Keep large images under spoiler tags.

9. Double-posting should be reserved for thread-bumping, and ONLY when necessary.

10. Rp literately in paragraph form in threads.

11. Rp in past tense and in third-person in threads, unless trying to create a certain effect (eg a brief flashback or a dream).
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